Delightful Ditty Bops Swing at Steve Allen

So many pert and plucky and sweet and gifted musical pairs out there. We buy their music. We go to their shows. We admire. We worship. We copy their style, and hope it looks like our own.

And then there's The Ditty Bops. The twosome in question here is comprised of singers/multi-instrumentalists Amanda Barret and Abby DeWald, and while we're mad for the music and we admire and we wouldn't mind borrowing a few style tips, our fandom is based on their ladylike-but-delivered-with-a-powerful-wallop attitude.

You heard that this vintage-ish sounding pair *biked* across country for a tour a couple of years back? Not were *pulled* on the back of a bicycle, lounging, reading magazines. They actually covered thousands of miles, feet going round and round, in hopes of raising awareness about our planet and being good to it.

Yay to them, and that's a big, heartfelt yay. It's the piece de resistance in the story of The Ditty Bops, which is a nice story with a solid soundtrack. And we still want to borrow their cheeky, retrofied style, and their ability to ride a bike for more than a mile.

The Ditty Bops are stomping at the Steve Allen Theatre on Tuesday, July 21st at 8PM

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