Desert Golf and Travel Show

Desert Golf and Travel Show

DESERT DUFFERS: We were about to type something like "the weather's getting nice for some Palm Springs-style golf" but then we stopped ourselves, with a little laugh. Because, really, isn't it always pretty nice for golf? Save those scorcher days, of course. But, even then, you see people carting it out to some course. The Desert Golf and Travel Show, which is at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, is catering to people who have to pick up a club year-round, regardless of day, time of day, or temp.

AND... There are a lot of those people. The show predicts over 20,000 golf enthusiasts will pay a visit over the two days. Demos are part of the days, of course, as are seminars. And the local resorts will be out to talk about their golf-related packages. In short, if it is related to the Desert Resorts and sand traps and putters and swings, you'll see it. But will there be a booth selling plaid, old-school golf slacks? We hope.

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