Dessert Tacos: NoHo New

A summer-ready treat may be found at the recently opened CREAM.


THE PLEASURES OF SUMMERY SNACKING... are centered around a host of cooling foodstuffs, from watermelon slices straight from the produce drawer to ice pops in a rainbow of kicky flavors. But, sooner than later, much sooner, snackers of summertime are going to seek out that utmost, above-all, no-arguments-to-be-made staple of cool-down deliciousness, ice cream. How we take our ice cream is as individual as the flavors we choose, with cups, cones, and the occasional sundae in the choice-plentiful picture (and, yes, even cups and cones and sundaes have their own baroque sub-categories). But there's another way to devour your vanilla or chocolate, and, while it is a cousin to the cone, it isn't seen all that often, or only on special occasions or at weddings and birthdays. But it looks to be a daily special occasion at the new...

CREAM, which recently debuted in North Hollywood, for the shop has a CREAM Taco on the permanent menu. What is this intriguing delicacy? Well, it is very taco-esque, but rather than carne asada, beans, or cheese, you'll choose a trio of ice cream flavors, and a pair of toppings, and then enjoy all of the above in a taco-shaped waffle cone. Is it not more fun to nosh at dessert when your head is tipped slightly to the side, in classic taco-eating fashion? Find out at 11135 Magnolia Boulevard, or another CREAM (they're a nationwide company). Perhaps the summer of '17 really will be the season of the dessert taco, though, really, confining that too just one season doesn't seem right.

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