Devour, Drink, Help Out Hollywood Farmers Market

Trends wax and wane with alarming speed here, but everyone's naked, nearly lustful devotion to the Hollywood Farmers Market remains steadfast. So when that seafood-y, cool-industrial wonderland known as the hungry cat throws a benefit dinner to support The Farmer's Kitchen, the teaching/eating nook near Arclight that's associated with the fabled Tinseltown market, shellfish aficionados and Farmers Market devotees should both be eager to lend a fork.

the hungry cat, just a pop around the corner from where the Market unfurls every Sunday, has got quite a menu lined up: Santa Barbara yellowtail with lima bean puree leads off, but there are four flavor-packed gourmet courses and special cocktails to boot (the hungry cat knows how to mix unusual bevs, including one with -- wait for it -- roasted pumpkin).  The drinks, it should be noted, will include ingredients purchased at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

Leave the little draggie cart at home, and your shady sun hat, and your flower basket; you'll be in a Market state of mind, yes, but the vibe is nighttime style and benefit-themed panache.

The Farmer's Kitchen Benefit Dinner
$75 (does not include tax or tip)
Tuesday, December 9, 5:30PM-close
the hungry cat, 1535 N. Vine, Hollywood

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