Discount Admission to D23

MICKEY DAYS: Take a weekend-long convention built specifically for Disney fans. Throw in all sorts of booths featuring information on Disney games and merchandise and movies and getaways. Put all sorts of giveaways and surprises in the mix. Hold it in the convention center next to Disneyland. And, on occasion, get Johnny Depp to make a delightful appearance as Jack Sparrow, to the screams of hundreds of applauding "Pirates" buffs. Yep. If you like Disney you know we're talking about the D23 Expo, which is returning to the Anaheim Convention Center from Aug. 19 through 21, 2011.

DONALD TO-DOS: Oh, and we should add "don't hold the convention every year" to the list above; D23 Expo did not happen in 2010. So bet the fans are more than ready. And making everyone just a wee bit happier? The fact that tickets are discounted through Thursday, June 30. A one-day adult admission is $35 through June 30, and $40 starting on July 1 (for D23 members, that is; general is $42 and $47, respectively). So, a fiver saved. That's like a whole dill pickle, plus change, inside Disneyland, right? Right.

ABOUT JOHNNY: No word if Mr. Depp will be Jack-Sparrow-ing up the Expo in 2011, but he did in 2009. Whatever goes down, bet the organizers have a few things up their sleeves for the fans. Now. Whether those sleeves are ruffly and pirate-like, we don't know. But we are counting on some Disney magic for sure.

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