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Just because George Lucas and Steven Spielberg remain undecided over the future of the Indiana Jones franchise doesn't mean you have to wait to enjoy the latest adventure of everyone's favorite archaeologist.

Running between now and April 21, 2013, Discovery Science Center (DSC) of Santa Ana will host Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology, an interactive exhibition presented by the National Geographic Society that combines the movie magic of the beloved series with the real science of field archaeology. 

By using 11 different locations from all four films, visitors can follow the "Indy Trail," an interactive layout that chronicles Indy’s archaeological adventures through concept art, props and models from the Lucasfilm Archives.  Expect to see everything from the Ark of the Covenant to that famous hat and whip of our titular hero.

But a static exhibit for film buffs this is not. In addition to all the movie memorabilia, guests can expect to marvel at actual archaeology. From ancient Mesopotamian gold findings to the world's oldest known map, there's enough real-life artifacts to impress even Dr. Henry Jones Jr. himself, while the entire experience will be enhanced by a handheld interactive video companion, which informs visitors about what they see with audio, text and video. There's even a chance to create your own “quest” through the exhibition.

Parents and kids alike will enjoy the fun and engaging learning environment, one that not only takes a deeper look at the films but also presents the science of archaeology in a cool, accessible way. Museum-goers will learn how archaeology has changed from the mid-20th century, when Indy’s adventures took place, until the present day, and each segment of the Indy Trail is broken into four educational zones: The Quest, The Discovery, The Investigation and The Interpretation. Plus, the hands-on Adventure Zone gives kids of all ages the chance to explore archaeology firsthand through interactive activities and exhibits. Kids can dig for buried treasure, guess the weight of an artifact, lift themselves high above the ground using a pulley system and more!

Information and Ticket Sales:
Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology is presented at Discovery Science Center only, from October 12 to April 21, 2013. Tickets are currently on-sale for just $10 per person, in addition to Science Center admission. To purchase tickets or for further information, visit us online at or; in person at our Box Office (2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705); or contact us at (714) 542-2823.

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