Discover the Truth About Spiders at the Spider Pavilion


Spiders appear to be clearly misunderstood, and the Natural History Museum has granted the little guys a chance to demonstrate their side of the story.

The spider exhibit spins open Sept. 26 through Nov. 7 in the museum’s fittingly titled Spider Pavilion. You might call the Spider Pavilion the 'Bellagio' for arachnids. Various A-list arachnids will enjoy a beautifully landscaped area on the museum’s south lawn to freely spin their spectacular webs for all to see.

There is a great deal to learn about these wonderful animals, and you may be surprised at how much false information about spiders has been buzzing around in your head. You will actually be able to examine free-range spiders in a comfortable, safe and immersive environment. This is your chance to literally get up close and personal with the spiders by placing yourself into their enclosure.

Before you go into the spidey pavilion, visit the programming area, which is designed to acclimate you to the spider exhibit experience. Be sure to pepper the museum staff with your questions and spider stories. Embrace your freak-out factor and have some fun learning about these eight-legged wonders.

Tickets are $3 for adults and museum members get in free.

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