Disney Fans Talk Mouse at First D23 Expo

If you haven't met people who've moved to Anaheim just to be near Disneyland Resort, who know the details of every annual pass, who can recite the first two "Toy Story" movies word for word, then you probably haven't lived in California long enough.

We love fans, and there's no fan like a Disney devotee, truly. The pin collecting, the special edition DVD sets, the premieres at the El Capitan, the behind-the-scenes tours of the parks, the hidden Mickeys; the fans are inside all of it. And if you know about the hidden Mickeys, you're in this group. And if you've seen the fancy bathroom hand towels in Club 33, you're definitely in this group.

And this group is converging on Anaheim in September for an all-out, M-I-C, see you real soon in the fall, four-day convention on everything, and we mean everything, Disney. The flicks -- there will be talk of "Toy Story 3 "and the new "Alice in Wonderland" from Tim Burton -- the parks, the pins, the legends, an on-site dream home, props, doodads galore, Mr. Disney's legacy. Everything. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, June 3 for the September 10-13 D23 Expo, which is landing at Anaheim Convention Center.

If you're a Disney fan, you may just want to park yourself in the big A for the majority of that week, or nearby. But if you're a Disney fan, perhaps you already live nearby. And if you do, can you tell us where the hidden Mickey is at Pirates? We've been snooping for this one for years. No dice. In that chest of gold, maybe?

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