Disneyland Dapper Day on Video

Didn't make the fashionable Disneyland weekend? Take a peek.

WE DON'T LIKE TO MAKE PREDICTIONS... but. Oh wait. Who are we kidding? Of course we like to make predictions. Everyone does, just to play the know-it-all in areas they especially love. And we predict that the popularity of dressing stylishly at Disneyland is on the up and up and up up up. Does that mean that the twice-a-year Dapper Day event will go monthly, or even weekendly? Nope, not saying that. But if you go to Disneyland on most any Saturday now, you just might spy a couple in period clothes, strolling and enjoying the Anaheim landmark's sweeter features.

THE LAST OFFICIAL DAPPER DAY... rolled out over the Feb. 22 and 23 weekend, and if you went, or know someone who did, you heard it was hopping, and people came to please. Favorite costumes? Well, that would be all of them, but we heard rumor of a pair of parents pushing an old-fashioned pram lined with vintage Disneyland pennants. Well that's a big "awwww" for sure. For a sweet lookback at the February fashion-fun happening, and for more inspiration for the next Dapper outing at the big D, take a look, style mavens:

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