Doc Ock Makes “NOTE”

Alfred Molina joins a local theater marathon.

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Whew. Tired already.

And we're only thinking about actors standing on a stage, for several hours in a row, performing their performing hearts out. Kudos to the people who are actually going to get up and entertain from 3 p.m. to question mark-question mark-question mark on Saturday, Jan. 15 at Theatre of NOTE.

One of those people, we must and have to and are thrilled to say, is none other than Alfred Molina. Yes, Doc Ock, Spider-man's limbiest foe, will be lending his sonorous talents to this fundraiser for the theater. That is exciting, in the ranks of big-actordom. Very.

Of course, you say Doc Ock, we say "throw me the idol, I throw you the whip." If we were in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and in the pivotal boulder scene, great snakes but we'd brag about it all the time.

Many other funny and lively souls will be making the magic happen at the theater, including Taylor Negron and Amy Stiller. Plus: pancake juggling! The theater should definitely ask Doc Ock to show his skills there. Here are all the performers and times.

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