Dodgers Face Ex-Pitcher, Kuroda In New York

Kuroda is having a career year with New York in 2013

The Dodgers series opener against the Yankees on Tuesday was rained out, so they have a one-day two-game series in New York on Wednesday. In game one they will face ex-Dodger, Hiroki Kuroda.

Kuroda played for the Dodgers from 2008-20011 after declaring free agency from the Nippon Professional league in Japan, where he was drafted in 1996.

He was a solid third starter in Los Angeles and put up consistent numbers from year to year. He was a quiet figure and earned respect from Dodger fans and players.

In Los Angeles his record was 41-46, but he was always mired by poor run support. His ERA as a Dodger is 3.45 and in his last year it was 3.07, the best of his MLB career.

In the final year of his contract with the Dodgers the team attempted to trade him, but he did not waive his no-trade claus. In the offseason of he signed with New York.

Many fans wanted the Dodgers to re-sign Kuroda to another deal, but instead they gave three years, $33 million to Ted Lilly, two years, $9 million to Chris Capuano, and two years, $12 million to Aaron Harang.

Kuroda signed for one year, $10 million with New York for 2012, and then signed another one year, $15 million deal for 2013.

In 2012, the Dodgers' Lilly/Capuano/Harang package was worth 4.8 WAR, while Kuroda had a 5.5 WAR season.

In 2013 the Dodgers traded Harang, while Lilly and Capuano have made a combined 11 starts for -0.4 WAR. Kuroda has made 14 starts for a 2.3 WAR.

Now in his age-38 season, Kuroda is putting up career numbers. His ERA, WHIP, and home runs per nine innings are the lowest of his career.

On Wednesday Kuroda will face off against the Dodgers newest foreign pitching sensation, Hyun-Jin Ryu.

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