Jingle, Holly, Frosty Need Home for Holidays

Puppies confiscated at LAX

An investigation at LAX led to the confiscation of dozens of illegally imported animals, including 10 Yorkie and Maltese puppies from overseas puppy mills, said officials with L.A. Animal Services.

Three shipments of puppy mill dogs flown into LAX from the South Korea were intercepted. Ten dogs survived: five underage Yorkies and five eight-week old Maltese puppies.

The dogs were shown today at a news conference in Van Nuys and were given holiday-themed names such as Jingle, Holly and Frosty.

The ten puppy mill survivors will be available for adoption through a silent auction scheduled for Saturday, December 20th. L.A. Animal Services officials are looking for owners who can spend a significant amount of money to care for the puppy mill survivors as they tend to develop physical or behavioral issues as a result of improper breeding and poor living conditions.

"Puppy mill puppies are cute and adorable. Very seductive," said Ed Boks, General Manager of L.A. Animal Services. "Over the long haul they come with inherent costly risks to the person who purchases them."

For more information on the puppy silent auction, click here.

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