Dogs Supporting Dogs

A pup-oriented Pasadena stroll raises funds for thousands of shelter dogs.


Fundraisers always possess a key feature that is integral to their success; maybe they take place inside a building that is being saved, or the guest speaker is recognized authority on the topic.

But animal fundraisers boast a special sweetness and ability to tug the heart when animals are actually involved. Sure, the dogs involved in a walk for shelter pups might not know exactly what their presence is helping, but we like to think that they do know they're participating in a community get-together of a positive nature.

Wiggle Waggle Walk is one of the quintessential "dogs helping other dogs" events; the annual walk at the Rose Bowl-close Brookside Park raises money for both the Pasadena Humane Society and the SPCA, meaning donations and funds raised by walkers go toward blankets, vet care, food, and other necessities shelter dogs need. (Over 12,000 dogs are "cared for annually" by both orgs.)

The date of the next Wiggle Waggle is Sunday, Sept. 30. Yep, that's Carmageddon II time, but the Crown City and the 405? Way apart.

This is important to note: You don't a pooch to join in; if you do have one, well, Wiggle Waggle is definitely dog friendly.

The site gives several clear channels to jumping in or donating from afar, if you don't want to head out; find your way now, Fido fan.

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