Domino Bazaar


We fluff random pillows on our couch like 11 times a day because there's something deep within us that says we must. We don't know how it knows, but Domino magazine taps into our inner-pillow-fluffer monthly. The Domino Bazaar, an annual home spectacular thrown by the talented folks behind the mag, draws pillow-fluffers from around SoCal to H.D. Buttercup in Culver City this weekend.

And what exactly will our fellow pillow-fluffers be doing? Perusing photo-ready couches, elegant garden benches, neat knick-knackery and every charming gewgaw that makes a nook a nest. There will likely be some shoppers looking to redo their abodes from bathroom to bedroom to boudoir (grrr, lucky, grrr). But there will be plenty more either looking for the perfect headboard, browsing happily with nothing particular in mind or seeking knowledge from the army of experts roaming the Bazaar. Attendees may sign up for a Master Class or Designer Consultation, or just poke around among the place settings and armoires.

Because there is a lot of stuff to look-see -- some 80 vendors will be vending -- Domino Bazaar has helpfully broken up everything into easy sections. Redoing the kidlets' castle? They've got their own corner (they're sharing with pets, in fact, which is darn cute). Want to give your work space the work-over? There's a massive, super-organized area for that, too.

Our super-thought-out plan is to find one lovely little goodie and see if we can't build some future house around it. Or is it the other way around?

Domino Bazaar
October 17-19
H.D. Buttercup, 8707 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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