Don Those Holiday Sweaters, Booty-Shakers

Down & Derby's going with an outlandish yuletide look.

It is fitting, and almost "Xanadu"-ish, that a big happy roller skating party is happening the day after rainbows burst all over the skies of Los Angeles.

Aside: We realized rainbows don't "burst," but we're talking about a joyful "Xanadu"-ish state of mind here, so go with us.

But making that big happy roller skating party even better, beyond the movie-made rainbows, is that it'll have a yuletide theme. And Down & Derby isn't asking roller babies to dress up in just any Christmas wear; they want large itchy tree-laden sweaters.

You have one. Three. You get 'em every year, from that one cousin. We don't even know your cousin, and yet we bet they can pick out the reddest, greenest, twinkliest sweaters on the rack. Are we right?

Oh, and a Santa hat is requested, too, at the skate party. If you don't have those things, we might make a tinsel shrug or paint a candy cane on each cheek. Face cheek.

Down & Derby is once again shaking it at Echoplex. Date is Thursday, Dec. 23. There will be more Down & Derbys to come, of course, but none that you can wear felt reindeer antlers at. Or could you? The dressing-up is always over-the-top at the funky get-down wheel-a-thon.

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