Don't Feed Your Dog Turkey Bones!

Turkey may be a holiday treat, but the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warned that the Thanksgiving meal can be dangerous for pets.
Pet owners should avoid giving their dogs or other pets turkey bones, which can splinter and become fatal if they are ingested, according to Ana Bustilloz of the SPCA's Los Angeles chapter.

She also offered a series of other holiday reminders for pet owners:

The combination of turkey skin and gravy have too much fat and long-term ingestion can cause pancreatitis in pets.
Don't give your pets chocolate, which can make animals sick.

Discard leftover bones and bits of turkey in a plastic bag tied securely and disposed in a dumpster with a secure lid so stray animals can't get to them.
Make sure dogs and cats wear identification tags with their current address and phone numbers, or have them microchipped, since animals often escape with extra visitors in the home.
Secure pets in a separate room with their favorite toys and a cozy pet bed, and possibly music, especially classical music, to help them relax,
preventing escape attempts.

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