Downey Goes Grauman

The latest in Hollywood handprintery.


See, we thought Robert Downey Jr. was already immortalized in the courtyard of the Chinese Theatre.

We thought, somewhere, we had photos of an uncle putting his palms into Iron Man's. Somewhere. But it turns out Robert Downey Jr. had not been immortalized yet in concrete in Hollywood. The powers that be took care of that on Monday, December 7th, with the full red carpet, wet concrete, flashing bulb ceremony.

It was time.

And "Sherlock Holmes," in which Mr. Downey stars, does open on Christmas Day. In other "Sherlock Holmes"-ian news, we're rather liking the full-on old-London display The Grove has going. Have you been onto the side street, by Whisper Lounge? Wooden crates stacked everywhere and a faux Big Ben. Plus audio piped in of clock chimes and horses clip-clopping.

We like it when promotions go full sensory. Maybe they even ordered all the rain and fog earlier this week, just for extra atmosphere.

And we like RDJr. Counting the days. Christmas, come sooner.

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