Downton Costumes in OC: National Tour

The hit series may be wrapping, but there's a traveling show to anticipate.

EDWARDIAN ELEGANCE: When a hit television series says farewell to a multi-year run, much like 'Downton Abbey' is doing in the United States on Sunday, March 6, the fans can feel a bit of a letdown. For sure, they can revisit the series, on DVD or the DVR, to relive some of the plots and character missteps and delicious romances (and they likely will). But communing with those characters, and reveling in that world, does come to a pretty definite conclusion when the show concludes. "Downton" devotees will have something rather lovely to anticipate, however, after the series says its final "pip pip" and "cheerio": a traveling costume exhibition. Much like the world created by Julian Fellowes, however, there is a wait for those fans who live in Southern California. Waiting, of course, is one of the themes of the series, from unrequited crushes to those awaiting word of loved ones living abroad or visiting London. So what is your wait to see the costume show? Wellll... it is a year, give or take. The dates for Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times, which is headed for Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, are listed as February through May, 2017. Yes, that says "17," not "16," so best let your anticipation simmer at a slow burn. But stay excited, if you adore the adornments of the show, for...

OVER 40 COSTUMES... will go on display. Flapper-style dresses, seen in later episodes, Edwardian gowns, full of generous gatherings, and the elegant suits seen on the gentlemen will be part of the lovely line-up. Jewelry, too, will be part of the exhibition, if you've enjoyed spying the tiaras and sparkly necklaces worn by the Crawley family. Want to keep tabs on the traveling tour, which is in Chicago as the series ends in the U.S.? There's a place to leave your email. Want to dress like a Crawley, or Daisy, or Isobel, or another favorite character? Inspiration may be found on our televisions, but also, in a year, in Orange County.

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