Dresses Needed for the Renal Teen Prom

Have a gown to donate? Head for Glendale.

Teen Renal Prom

Whether you attended your prom or not, you absolutely know that it is a big night full of lore and preparation for many, if not most, teenagers.

But there are some young people who can't go, even if they really want to, due to medical concerns and appointments and other vital, life-impacting matters. Happily, however, many of those adolescents get a second chance to party at the annual Renal Teen Prom. Teenagers battling chronic kidney disease are the stars of the night, and stars who do show up -- like Jack Black, who attended last year and is predicted to show in 2012 -- play a friendly second fiddle.

It's year 13 for the party, and, like in years past, there's a dress drive to help out the busy young people. Interested people looking to unhand their pretty ruffled gowns and glitteriest, prom-ready accessories may drop them by the Glendale Galleria through Friday, Jan. 6. Head for the Customer Service Desk with your important delivery.

The prom itself is schedule for Sunday, Jan. 15 in Sherman Oaks.

If you don't have a fancy metallic purse or lovely necklace to give, you can give money, too; the Renal Support Network is the night's host, and the organization looks to donations to help both the prom and other annual efforts.

Here's one more thing we love about Renal Teen Prom. Attendees ages 14 to 24 are welcome. After all, prom isn't just for the 17- and 18-year-old revelers, but anyone who likes to get down and let loose. So happy prom-having, prom goers! And happy dress donating, nice dress-donating people. Pick out your most gorgeous garb and give it away, with a smile.

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