Drink a White Christmas Where “White Christmas” Began

A festive pairing of sip and situation.

The Grill on the Alley

It's just about this time of year that we feel a bit of hometown pride whenever a certain carol is played.

It's "White Christmas," a carol that's just about as beloved and bewitching and be-everything'd that a carol can be, and, of course, the famous but not-oft opening starts in our own Beverly Hills. (The Irving Berlin-penned lyric actually says "Beverly Hills, LA," which seems to us a charming but long-gone way to occasionally reference cities within or associated our larger municipality.)

Now you can have a White Christmas at The Grill on the Alley, which has a location in Beverly Hills. It's $10, white creme de cocoa and white creme de menthe and white heavy cream are all the snowy, sippable elements.

Oh, and vodka, which is clear. Like an icy snowflake.

We'd stroll down The Golden Triangle humming "White Christmas" after departing the restaurant, just for good measure.

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