Drink This: Margarita Dinner

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Border Grill

Your job: get to the bar. Our job: Help you find that perfect drink. This week, NBCLA's "Drink This" journey takes us out for...

The Margarita Dinner: Border Grill's margarita-spotlighting (and margarita-sipping) dinner returns. If that isn't enough to get you to Santa Monica, and we suspect it probably is, here's an add-on: There will cooking/eating of delicious things, too.

Four kinds of drinks: A quartet of sips is on the special menu, including the Grape-nilla Margarita, the Curried Margarita, the Blood Orange Margarita, and the Corralejo Horchata, which is made with Tequila Corralejo, the featured spirit of the evening.

The Corralejo Horchata: Oh goodness. All the classic horchata ingredients are there, including milk and cinnamon, but with a kick of fine tequila. Rice niceness indeed.

Foods: In addition to the beverages, dishes like Albondigas Dos Caminos (the meatballs are Kobe beef) and coconut tequila cheesecake will be served.

Price: $45 for the tasting menu/drinks.

Time/date: 7:30PM, Thursday, October 8th, Border Grill in Santa Monica

We didn't mention... the Hoja Santa Wrapped Shitake appetizer, which is a caramelized onion/mushroom/cheesy dream, and the sea scallop/Serrano ham creation. We were happily distracted by the horchata, but that can very easily happen. Because, horchata. The balm to our worldy woes in convenient sipping form.

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