Drivin' Double Feature: Fear(s) of the Dark and The Tingler

Two movies, two different locations, one night. Who says a double feature needs to be in just one location? Not us. That's why we've scoured the listings and roamed the dusty, reel-filled shelves of film history to find the perfect two flicks to catch over the course of one evening. And the fact that night just happens to be the Halloweeniest eve of the year? Boo to that.

Flick 1
"Fear(s) of the Dark": Six short animated films that go so deeply (so quickly) into the psyche that we're just glad the Nuart has such solid armrests (we're sure to go white in the knuckles gripping them). Crafted in shadowy blacks, whites and grays by a half dozen scarily talented graphic artists, "Fear(s) of the Dark" is an intelligent and lyrical collection of shorts that manages to be elegantly eerie without losing that jump-in-the-seat factor. 5:15PM, October 31, Nuart Theatre, $7.50 (note that this is the bargain matinee price, due to the pre-6PM screening time.)

Dinner: We'd dash by the mall at Century City on our way up Santa Monica Boulevard for something light and fast. We don't want to see the next film on too full a tummy...

Flick 2
"The Tingler": One of the most memorable titles in all of moviedom, with one of the most memorable gimmicks (when it was first released, theater seats were rigged to goose viewers during the scariest monster attacks). William Castle was the mad genius behind this monstrous mayhem, Vincent Price the star, and the creature? We can't spoil that tidbit, but there hasn't been anything quite like it put to celluloid. Fun fact: The Cinefamily cinephiles -- the people behind Silent Movie Theatre -- note that Silent Movie is prominently featured in one of the film's subplots! Meta indeed. Be sure to stay after the film; the theater is throwing a Halloween bash immediately following. Here's hoping the Tingler does not show for that. 8PM, Silent Movie Theatre, $12

Nuart Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

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