Dropping Anchor in a “Dark Harbor”

The Queen Mary's Halloween treat creeeaks open.

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If we owned a really large, permanently landlocked ocean liner -- say, like the Queen Mary -- and we were tasked with coming up with a Halloween event, we'd probably think and think and finally come up with a storyline involving, like, evil shrimp. Or perhaps a malevolent starfish.

Thank goodness that we were not at the Dark Harbor design helm this year. The Queen Mary's new Halloween attraction -- and it truly is new in 2010, because you may remember that this event was called "Shipwreck" for many years -- is built around three wicked sirens from the deep, which sounds far sexier than our evil shrimp idea.

Dark Harbor is opening on Friday, Oct. 1, and runs through Halloween.

We like the mazes, and the fact that over 150 monsters will be monstering the ocean-close area up. But we're really intrigued by the overnight packages the hotel is offering in conjunction with the spooky to-do. Here are the names: The Containment Package, The Village of the Damned Package, The Submerged Package, The Cage Package. Each have different features and combos going involving tickets, breakfast, that sort of thing.

It will probably be the only time ever you'll call a hotel reservations line and ask for "The Village of the Damned, please."

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