Eat This: Progressive Dinner

Eat This is NBCLA's twice-weekly look at the best meals in town.

Your job: Get to the restaurant. Our job: Help you order. This week, NBCLA's Eat This journey takes us out for...

Food GPS Progressive Dinner: We were just marveling at the bigness of dineLA Restaurant Week. How the foodie events are starting way ahead of the October 4th start. The Food GPSers -- they blog and they make you hungry when they do it -- are throwing a progressive dinner.

Where? Four downtown restaurants. Ciudad, Rosa Mexicana, Provecho, and Rivera.

What's on the menu? One dish at each restaurant. Expect Nouveau Latin flair, lovely spice, fresh ingredients. And chiles. Oh, chiles. Please bring them to us.

Price: $39

Date/Time: September 24th. 7:30PM. At Ciudad. Can a mojito be squeezed in post-office but pre-progessive? Best plan now.

An earlier Progressive: We must salute Food GPS for actually hosting *two* progressive dinners back-to-back; the Santa Monica walk took place on September 23rd.  The restaurants on the earlier sup-and-stroll: Whist, the Dining Room at Hotel Shangri-La, and Anisette Brasserie. We're fond of the progressive dinner -- make new buddies, try new bites, and all for a song -- and we want to encourage Food GPS to do more.

What we mean by "more": Maybe once a month? A different stretch of restaurant-laden goodness every few weeks?

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