Eat This: Roasted Young Beets Salad

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Simon LA

Your job: Get to the restaurant. Our job: Help you order. This week, NBCLA's Eat This journey takes us out for...

Roasted Young Beets Salad: From Simon L.A. at the Sofitel.

What's in it: Wee micro greens, tomatoes, Laura Chenel goat cheese, and young beets.

Let's talk beets: That reddest of root vegetables has a funny rep. Some people shy from it, finding it, well, too beety. Too juicy, even. But there's a growing group of beetniks that scarf beets by the bushel; they even roast our own.

Saying *anything* is "too juicy": Is madness. We just had to say that. Shouldn't pretty much everything we consume be even the littlest bit juicy, save beef jerky?

Beet's BFF: Goat cheese. And the Laura Chenel, a main ingredient in the Simon L.A. salad? Is farm's finest. The white, creamy, crumbly gold standard. Learn more about this Sonoma-based purveyor of cheesy dreaminess.

Roasted Young Beets Salad Price: $12

Simon L.A. is also... Part of the deal-laden dineLA Restaurant Week, which just got another week hooked on its back end. The extra dates: October 18th-23rd. So you've got plenty of time to get your beets on, and for a song, too.

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