Eater Preview/Inside Mashup: Stinkers Truck Stop

With password in hand, we checked out the preview for Stinkers Truck Stop, the new Silver Lake bar from the 1933 Group (Bobby Green and the folks behind Bigfoot Lodge, Little Cave, Saints & Sinners). The former Johnny's dive bar is now a kitschy ode to trucker chic: an extensive and impressive beer can collection lines the walls; a Trans Am hood hangs in the back; we spied a photo of Fred Sanford holding a Colt 45; lots of Burt Reynolds everywhere. But it's really all about the skunks. Yes, the ones that emit fog when a bartender pulls chains that make a truck horn blow are hilarious, but the skunk tableaus really make it (we're fond of ones in trucker hats playing poker with mini Coors cans on the table). Expect loud classic rock, cocktails with names like Diesel and Large Marge, and the obligatory Stella Artois. For the hipsters, PBR is passe; here it's all about regionals like Iron City, Olympia, and cast-ffs like Champale. More from Thrillist and Urban Daddy, and previous Plywood here. Opens softly this Thursday.For more stories from Eater LA, go to

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