Eater Sneak Peek: The Bazaar and SLS Hotel

We stopped to take a look around the SLS Hotel, SBE's new hotel in the former Le Meridien, but the suits out front weren't letting any non-guests in ("Friends and family only," they said). So what we could deduce (but not photograph) from the outside: The Bazaar, with its own door just to the left of the plant-and-furniture-filled main entryway, is a sprawling space sort of compartmentalized with a different design for each section, lots of shiny things and texture, but it all still flows together; straight ahead looks like a lounge area, and off to the side was the space we previously saw rendered. If we're reading the description correctly, that's probably Bar Centro and Rojo y Blanca, respectively.

The dining area leads to a patio filled with similar furniture, bookshelves, knickknacks and lamps that you see at XIV, almost like an indoor/outdoor living room. In fact, it all has similar vibe to XIV. A reader tipped us off that friends and family already started for banquets, room service, Tres (the guest-only breakfast, lunch and dinner area) and and Rojo y Blanca, which seems about right since the dining and bar areas open to the public on November 10 (resy lines, btw, open today). Who can't wait to see a Jose Andres breakfast menu? Any more tips or snaps from the inside are always welcome.
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