Eater Tracking: Cafe Habana and Outpost Coming Along Slowly but Surely

Remember that super juicy bomb that Nitro:licious dropped about the West Coast getting a shiny new pair of Cafe Habanas? Now, this just in. Cafe Habana in Malibu and Cafe Habana Outpost in Venice are both rumored to open in the somewhat near future. After a brief chat with Matt Goias, friend of owner Sean Meenan, Matt informed us that Cafe Habana will be the first of the two to open, roughly estimated around October, and in the new eco-friendly mallish space at the Malibu Lumber Yard. Cafe Habana Malibu will be bigger than the original Prince St. space but a bit smaller than the Brooklyn Outpost and will serve the same Latin/Cuban fare that you've grown to love, plus a few new dishes added to spice things up. And yes, The Corn will be on the menu. No confirmed info on the Venice Outpost just yet, but definitely more on the way.

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