Barbie's Q, Coolhaus, MORE!

MEALS ON WHEELS— Daily Candy caught up with the newish 6-week old truck roaming the streets, Barbie's Q. Dubbed "A rollin' BBQ Joint," DC advises readers to "follow the smoke trail to Abbot Kinney in Venice where grill master John Bowler’s mobile BBQ joint parks nightly..." Or, just check their Twitter account. [DC]

MEALS ON WHEELS— Gelatobaby shares an interview with Natasha and Freya, the gals behind the new architecturally-themed ice cream truck, Coolhaus. They simply love "cool" things. [GB]

VIRGINIA— What Obama can do for business. After the president visited Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia last month restaurant owner Michael Landrum told TMZ "Thanks to the President's visit...I had to hire 25 new order to keep up with the demand..." [AHT]

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