EaterWire: Canter's 60-Cent Corned Beef Reminder, Pann's Refurbished Sign

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FAIRFAX: If the 10-cent French dips weren't enough for you last week, tomorrow Canter's will have 60-cent corned beef sandwiches (with potato salad and a pickle!) from noon to midnight. One per customer, but one really is enough. [EaterWire]

CRENSHAW: Chris Nichols alerts us that Pann's Coffee Shop completely removed stripped, rebuilt and rehabilated its 50-year-old neon sign. "It's an amazing mindblowing flasher luring you down La Cienega. The thing is massive and was like sign work and archeology and a building restoration project rolled into one, the thing was absolutely shot. The place looks so pristine now." The Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee worked with the owner (found the craftsman) to help restore it rather than replace it with a replica. [Eater Inbox]For more stories from Eater LA, go to

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