Del's Truck, Checking in with Gladstone's, “Viagra” Ice Cream, More!

VENICE— Following up with yesterday's post on Del's Lemonade, check out the above pic of their new truck which will hit up West Side beaches in the next few weeks. [EaterWire]

MALIBU— And now, updates on the SBE acquisition of Gladstone's, or as Woolsey put it, an "enormous experiment in seeing how well tourists from Missouri and Philippe Starck mix." New management has moved in and Eric Ernest (The Abbey, Boa, and Royale on Wilshire) is currently in the kitchen. SBE also plans to revamp the whole space to "make it good again." [EaterWire]

OUT AND ABOUT— This paragraph is dedicated to Tai Kim owner of Scoops. Can ya beat this? London's IceCreamist boutique has created a $17 per serving "Viagra" ice cream made from gingko, biloba, arginine and guarana. The scoop is served with a shot of La Fee Absinthe so age 18 and up only. They id. [GS via KTLA]

BEVERLY HILLS— According to Daily Dish, the Bazaar by José Andrés has launched a line of cooking implements and artisanal foods for sale at the Kitchen Pantry. Items include specialty saffron, olive oil, and vinegar, among others. [DD]

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