Locali Icycle, D’Amore’s Pizza, Bottega Update

Malibu FIre

MID-CITY—The Dishy Dish shares the first look at the Locali adult tricycle equipped with a freezer, and yep, it's definitely an adult tricycle equipped with a freezer. [LAT]

DOWNTOWN—Good news, if expected news, for Bottega Louie fans: "On the bright side, the building’s recently opened upscale restaurant and grocer, Bottega Louie, is apparently safe from the tumult affecting the developer. In fact, the new business has found a large and eager clientele." [LADN]

MID-CITY—Blackburn + Sweetzer spots some new signage that confirms those rumors that (World Famous) D'Amore's Pizza will be taking the space that last housed Who's on Third. More details—and photos—of (World Famous) D'Amore's Pizza over there. [B+S]

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