Shangri-La Drama, Hot Dog Death March, SusieCakes to the Beach

SANTA MONICA— Less than an hour ago, Daily Dish posted a tweet from Noah Rosen, "I've been fired as Executive Chef from the Hotel Shangri-la in Santa Monica...." Then: "Anyone know a good lawyer?" Yikes. [DD]

HOLLYWOODISH—This Saturday join L.A. Metblogs for their first ever Hot Dog Death March. The consumption begins circa 3pm at Pink's, then moves over to Oki-Dog, and finally to Skooby's. The crew behind the death march would like to clarify that there "will not really be MARCHING. That’s crazy talk." [MetBlogs]

MANHATTAN BEACH—Just a few days shy from the 3-year anniversary of the original Brentwood location, SusieCakes has decided to open a new location in Manhattan Beach on July 15th. The MB location will be store numero four for the American bake shop. [EaterWire]

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