Underground Cocktails, Pinkberry's New Flavors, Le Saint Amour Unveils Lunch Service, MORE!

OUT AND ABOUT— The newest member to LA's cocktail movement? The Pharmacie, "a series of roving, invite-only cocktail parties" that commenced last Sunday, according to the Daily Dish. Each party features cocktails based around a different spirit, and if you can't get an invite, make your own. [DD]

FROYO LAND— In three weeks Pinkberry's green tea flavored froyo will be doneski, and the company will unveil two new undisclosed flavors. In celebration, Pinkberry shops across LA will serve up full servings of free froyo on June 26 from 5-11p. [LAmag]

CULVER CITY— On Sunday, Bruno and Florence Herve-Commereuc sent out an email apologizing because Le Saint Amour would not open for lunch on Monday as projected. Instead, the resty will kick off lunch service tomorrow at 11:30 am. [EaterWire]

WEHO— Tomorrow night Zagat will host a six-course "Triple Threat" Cali-Japanese tasting menu at Sona. David Myers, guest chef Noriyuki Sugie, and Sona chef de cuisine Kuniko Yagi, will cook up a storm, but din-din will throw you back $95. Call for a resy. [DD]

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