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Ed Asner will chat at an Aero matinee.

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Carl Frederickson of the movie "UP" is not your typical animated lead.

He doesn't glow. He isn't from outer space. He doesn't have any special powers (save being sort of lovably crotchety, which we think certainly qualifies in the special-power department).

Carl is, in fact, a grieving widower with a suddenly aloft house and a plucky stowaway by the name of Russell. Perfect Pixar characters? Oh yes. Perfect Pixar characters.

Adding to that perfection was the ace voice work of one Ed Asner, who brought a lot of rumply sympathy to the role and tons of moxie, too. In a rare treat for Pixarians, and Asnerians, too, the actor will visit the Aero on Sunday, Dec. 18 for a chitchat about the 2009 movie. Oh, "UP" will play, too. Perfect pre-Christmas treat.

And given that it is the holidays, can we also give Mr. Asner props for his fine turn as Santa in "Elf"? A classic turn in a modern classic. Santa as the slightly stern but infinitely kind father figure to Buddy.

"UP" screens at 2 p.m. The chitchattery will follow.

Special note to Pixar: When will Dug snag his own holiday movie? Maybe he has to host, against his better judgment, a family of wayward squirrels on Christmas Eve? It will give us the chance to hear the talking dog say "squirrel!" about a hundred more times, which is about a thousand times to few.

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