Edward James Olmos Talks “Blade Runner”

The actor chats replicants and runners in Orange.

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Two things are true: 1) Even though Halloween may have wrapped for another year, atmospheric, tension-filled films still find everyday play in Southern California. We're not a foul-weather, October-only crowd when it comes to our scarier cinema. Bite your tongue.

Second true thing: "Blade Runner" rules, always, now and forever, at any place, at any time. Right? Because we in LA all kind of act like we own that movie. And we will gladly see it and dissect it again and again, and then go eat at the Subway in the Bradbury Building as our post-movie snack. (We don't need to explain why we mentioned the Bradbury there, we're sure.)

Edward James Olmos played Gaff in the movie, and we probably don't need to go into the symbolism or themes regarding the small unicorn that the gentleman leaves in Deckard's apartment. It's a big movie moment among big movie moments. And Mr. Olmos will be at Chapman University on Monday, Nov. 1, perhaps discussing that very moment, and several other meaningful moments of the iconic Ridley Scott film.

It's a free screening hosted by the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, it is at 7 p.m. in the Folino, and we can't imagine any hardcore "Blade" buffs would miss it. That goes for you, too, "Battlestar Galactica" fans.

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