Eerie, Elegant Angelino Heights

LA's Halloween-iest neighborhood gets its time in the sun. Or fog, rather.

LA Conservancy

We don't want to make assumptions about the good people of Angelino Heights. And they are so nice. We chatted them up on a tour once. Just. Friendly as all get-out and highly patient with chatty tourists such as ourselves.

But we have a theory that many people move to the historic neighborhood not despite its rather eerie appearance and rows of classic haunted-looking houses but because of those very qualities. After all, if you live in Angelino Heights you have to be okay with film crews showing up to shoot "Charmed" and the "Thriller" video and such. It's just the way things are.

So again. We like these people. They're fun people, they love gorgeous architecture, and they welcome two days of scavenger hunt-based high jinks each and every October. Those two days are coming around again -- the dates are Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23 -- and Out of the Box Events and the LA Conservancy are behind the merry madness.

The point of the hunt? Participants will "explore the spirits, secrets, and legends of one of the oldest neighborhoods in LA." Arriving with your camera is encouraged.

A ticket is $30, time is 4 p.m. both days, and if you have some friends who want to do it, best put together a team. Maybe you'll even do a little impromptu "Thriller" dance in front of the "Thriller" house at the end? (It's on Carroll Avenue; see if you can find it after you study the video one more time.)

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