El Coyote Prop 8 Press Conference Goes Horribly Awry

Scene outside El Coyote today via Shut Up! I Know!

Since Shut Up! I Know! was one of the first to announce the Prop 8 boycott against El Coyote, it's only fitting the blog was there to witness the chaotic press conference that took place at the Beverly Boulevard restaurant today. What was supposed to be a "free lunch" and chance for Marjorie "Margie" Christoffersen, the manager and owner's daughter who gave $100 to the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, to explain herself turned into tears, yelling and general melee. It was tense even before she showed up to read her prepared statement:

"A floor manager stood in the middle of the back room where the community conference and stated that 'El Coyote DOES NOT share the same views as Marjorie.' He stated that 89 families were going to be affected by this boycott and one of the community members screamed out '18,000 families already HAVE been affected!'"

When they opened it up to questions people went apeshit, and then:

Once the room calmed down, Marjorie was asked again if SHE would do anything to counteract what she had done and she said: "No." at which point someone yelled "This is bullshit" and another yelled "BOYCOTT EL COYOTE" and Marjorie was swiftly escorted out the back entrance as people dispersed saying "She just made this even worse" and a man started walking through the restaurant telling customers that "MARJORIE VOTED YES ON PROP 8 AND YOUR MONEY IS DOING THE SAME THING BY HER GIVING HER EARNINGS TO THE MORMON CHURCH!"

ABC 7 was there, but nothing up on their website yet. This is getting ugly...
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