Election Cookies at Thee’s

Alysia Gray Painter

We've seen the bumperstickers. We've worn the shirts. We've...eaten the cookies? Just as the election was roiling to a mad boil yesterday, we spied something wonderful in the glass case at Thee's Continental Bakery: a pair of treats depicting the Republican and Democratic candidates for president. Delicious.

But which to choose? Word around the cookie counter is that the Barack Obamas are selling briskly at the moment. In the end, since we wanted to simultaneously support our country and the landmark Farmers Market sweet spot, we purchased a McCain and an Obama. Our plan is to watch the debate tonight  while we nibble at our patriotic pastries (we'll take a bite every time a zinger is thrown). In fact, we see these cookies quite possibly rocking our October. Twenty eight days to voting, dozens of cookies to snack upon...

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