Election Night: Obama Leads in Food/Drink Polls

While you're awaiting the first returns from one of the most important Presidential elections in history, the least we can do is tell you who's winning in the various food and drink polls around town.

1) Crumbs Bake Shop: Between the two stores (Beverly Hills and Larchmont), 278 Obama cupakes and 43 McCain were sold so far.

2) Blue on Blue at the Avalon Hotel: So far it's 81% for the Obamarita and 19% for the McCainade. To be fair, the Obmarita (Patron silver, blue curacao, fresh lime juice, and prosecco) just sounds more refreshing than the McCainaide (Jim Bean, amaretto, lemonade, iced tea, and grenadine)---better for the palate, better for the country.

3) Porto's Bakery: The Glendale and Burbank locations were selling Democrat and Republican cookies, and we don't have exact numbers yet, but a rep from the Glendale store says, "Obama is winning."

4) Barney's Beanery: Patrons vote by buying a $3 Stella Artois for Obama or Bud Light for McCain. According to the website, so far the tallies are it's a landslide in West Hollywood (Obama 499, McCain 280), a close raace in Pasadena (Obama 478, McCain 432) and a little red in Santa Monica (Obama 277, McCain 304). Company Total: Obama 1254, McCain 1016.

5) 7-11: Obama's blue coffee cups are 64% gone, McCain's red cups 34%

6) Clementine: While they don't have an exact tally of what sold the most from the Election Night menu, the Earmark Pasta, Poultry First chicken skewers, Sloppy Joe the Plumber, and Fudge to Nowhere were the big sellers.
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