Elegant Edwardian Oddities

Grab your corset and make for the Belasco.

Edwardian Ball

It amuses us something wicked that there are a bevy of easy ways to leave 2012 around LA in the days ahead.

There's the Casino Moderne night at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on Feb. 18. Time, era, and dress? Why the flapper-ific 1920s, of course.

Then there's Modernism Week in Palm Springs, where plenty of people will be wearing Twiggy-like shifts and chic, minimal pool wear.

And, hello, the mondo Doctor Who convention is town, which kind of covers all other eras ever, right?

But we're about to be sweet on The Edwardian Ball, a San Francisco confection that annually makes its way down to our own fair city. It's happening this year on Sunday, Feb. 19 at the Belasco Theatre downtown.

It's all Edwardian all-the-time, but with a darker, more mirthful twist. Yep, there are "Downton Abbey" elements in the costumery and corsets, but Edward Gorey's creations come into play, as do certain carnivalesque themes. Call it 1907 with a fantastic, fictional heart.

Oh boy. Where to go? Could you do the 1960s on Saturday morning, the 1920s on Saturday night, and then the early 20th century on Sunday? With some Whovian time travel in-between? Good luck, sartorial, celebratory adventurers. Good luck and happy journey.

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