Ellen’s Twitter Challenge Gets Dress-Clad Fans to The Grove

When Ellen Tweets, people follow


Wear a red dress. Go to Santa's Workshop at the Grove. Bring an issue of O Magazine with Ellen Degeneres on the cover. Win something cool.

Such were the instructions of the "Twitter Challenge" The  Ellen Show held Thursday, prompting hundreds of Angelenos to make their way to Third and Fairfax at two in the afternoon. Some, in prom attire.

It is LA. We all want our 15 minutes.

Thankfully Ellen is happy to oblige. Ten dress-donning fans -- Davee Carrera, Carmen Gutierrez, Josephine England, Molly Goodin, Erin Osborne, Alex Ramos, Lauren Houseman, Jessica Carlos, Geronima Parra and Becky Adler -- won tickets to one of Ellen's Twelve Days of Giveaways tapings, which puts them in the running for booty worth hundreds of bucks.

Ellen tweeted instructions throughout the day on what followers needed to do to participate. This is all it took:

@TheEllenShow Hey Los Angeles followers: At 2 o'clock wear a red dress & bring my issue of O, on sale now... to the fountain at The Grove

@TheEllenShow Get your groove on at The Grove! Today at 2, be there in a red dress with a copy of my O magazine. It'll be worth your while.

@TheEllenShow Attention Los Angeles Followers: Get your red dress, get my issue of O magazine & get to The Grove if you wanna win something!

@TheEllenShow Attention Los Angeles Followers: Who wants prizes! Less than a half hour! Grab your red dresses & O Mag & get to The Grove! Santa's Workshop

@TheEllenShow Everyone that who participated in my twitter challenge today got tickets to 12 days! Thanks for playing. It pays to follow me!

The Twitter Challenge airs during The Ellen Show on Friday.

She typically asks followers to bring something unique to the location. The first ones to arrive have a chance to complete another challenge and win something big.

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