Elle's Totally at the Pantages. Totally.

Though the film version of "Legally Blonde" is nearly a decade old, the story of that sunny, not-too-serious sorority girl who loses her guy but gains Harvard and a lot more has continued to grow. And grow. Wouldn't it be great if all movies (and the books they're based on; "Legally Blonde" was written by Amanda Brown) continue to live on as stage shows and reality shows? Well, maybe not all movies and books should blossom further. But so many have the potential.

"Legally Blonde -- The Musical," as you've probably now seen on countless posters around town, or in other cities, is now a pink-splashed, fashion-bedecked, song-sprinkled stage musical, complete with marching band and warbling law students and the perky, won't-stay-down-for-long lead character. It's opening at the Pantages on August 12th and running through September 6th.

But it hasn't just been a movie and a stage show (although, again, for most properties this would be the stars and the moon). If you're an MTV person you likely saw or heard about "Legally Blonde -- The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods," a reality show that -- yep -- was looking for next actor to play Miss Elle (Laura Bell Bundy had been the Broadway star).

So a book, a movie, a musical, and a reality show. Like Elle herself, "Legally Blonde" has been one high-achiever. Up next for "Legally Blonde" -- maybe lip glosses? Nail salons? We think it should go there. Oh, and before we move on -- Broadway LA says that a few people from the MTV show will make an appearance the Pantages outing.

Would Elle think that is so totally cool? Probably.

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