Encinitas Garden Festival

GARDENS GALORE: A garden tour is always a lovely and pleasant thing, and, come April, there are many to choose from. But we keep an eye out for the cities and areas we don't get to visit as much, cities and areas that also seem to be especially lush and garden-grow-y. Encinitas certainly qualifies -- it is home to the San Diego Botanic Garden, after all -- and the upcoming Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour is sure to give even longtime locals looks into plots they haven't ever spied.

APRIL 30: It's on the last day of the month, a Saturday, and tickets are $21 (you can order via mail if you do so by April 20). Two more things to note. The Flower Fields in Carlsbad will still be open, and if you're making for Encinitas to see gardens, we're guessing you're a fan of this ranunculus-laden spot as well. You'll catch the bright buds on their last week of 2011 (the place closes on May 8). And if you happen to be at San Diego Botanic Garden *the following week,* on May 7, there's a Chocolate Festival going down. Flower fans are also chocolate fans, yes? Yes. Probably definitely yes.

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