Enjoy Your Zin at Zankou

It must be against some arcane local law to start any rumination about Zankou Chicken without first citing that supernaturally good garlic paste. So we're citing it, because we love it so much. Done. Now, the news of the day: the new Zankou coming to Tarzana is going to be pouring the vino and brews, according to Eater LA.

Savory chicken and garlic worshippers, give thanks at this good gift of news. We've long been chowing down at some Zankou, busily popping zingy peppers and shoveling hummus with no consideration of how we looked doing so, when we paused to think an icy beer would cool the peppers' heat and go well with all the culinary scrumptiousness.

So, in short, we're elated by the news, but the word is the booze mobile is only pulling up to the Tarzana location. Still, we call the drive worth it.

Oh, we've also heard you have to end every Zankou-themed rumination with a mention of the garlic paste, so we are doing so now. It's true: once you start thinking about that pungent condiment, you must go devour some within the hour. So we're off.

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