Esotouric-Style Thanksgiving

Clifton's, noirish chitchat and roast turkey.

The thing is, and we know you know this, is that Clifton's Cafeteria does a fine roast turkey and dressing all year long.

March? Roast turkey. July? Roast turkey. We like that about a restaurant, the willingness to keep the holiday classics basting every month of the year. Esotouric is Clifton's-mad, too, which is no surprise. Kim Cooper and Richard Schave know old-timey Los Angeles, the restaurants where Chandler or Bukowski might have supped.

Now the tour guides and all-around LA-long-gone enthusiasts are doing Thanksgiving with a Clifton's twist. They're meeting at the Broadway-based eatery at 3PM on Thanksgiving day (they'll be on the second or third floor). Everyone'll hang through about 5-ish. There will be smart talk and bookish conversations and affordable eating and general convivialness, we're betting.

Get the roast turkey or some red wiggly gelatin or just grab a water and hang with the group.

And that fabled third floor of Clifton's. Did we just see it in "Mad Men" and "Hung"? We believe we might have. The red flock-ish Victorian wallpaper makes us swoon in a way most wallpapers do not.

Clifton's, please don't ever change.

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