Going All Blu: Exchange Your HD-DVD's for BluRay

If you were one of those early adopters that bet your money on the HD-DVD Roulette table only to see the number come up ‘Blu’, Warner Bros. is offering you a second chance.

The company started a new program that lets you swap out your HD-DVDs for Blu-ray versions. You login to Red2Blu.com, select your movies, mail in the cover art from your old titles and 4-5 weeks later you get the new BluRay versions. There’s 128 titles to choose from ranging from the Harry Potter series to “A Christmas Story,” and “2001.”

It costs $4.95 per movie plus a $6.95 shipping and handling charge. If you order more than one movie, you only get billed once for the $6.95. Thanks Engadget for finding this one.

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