Experiencing a Funundrum

Ringling Bros. somersaults into Staples Center.

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Childhood dreams have a way of living on and on (and on) in this city, well into adulthood, which is one reason we're still holding onto hope that we'll be part of a group that has "Flying" or "Brothers" or "The Family" before its name.

Until that special day arrives, we can look to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has a multitude of troupes with all sorts of old-school, performance-oriented monikers. Not to mention the circus itself has "Bros." in its name, plus an "and" AND an ampersand to boot.


The longtime circus opens at Staples Center on Wednesday, July 14 and somersaults there through Sunday, July 18. There are three shows a day on both Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and this tour of the circus? It's called "Funundrum." Oh yes it is.

Beyond liking the wordage behind the circus, we also admire the masters of the contortionist arts -- there's an acrobat who bends herself into a small box on the site -- as well as the lady who hangs by her hair and juggles. Talent.

But the snackage is up there, the multitudes of peanuts, and the general three-ring atmos. Do you love to see the kids with those twirly light-up devices? It's classic. So are the balloons on the thin stick.

The circus will toot-toot it to Ontario and Anaheim after its Staples run wraps and all those peanut shells are swept away.

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