Eye Autos Aplenty at Farmers Market and The Grove

There must be something about June. Balmier days -- well, once this marine layer chills, or rather, *stops* chilling -- and the sun setting at nearly 9. Our thoughts turn to travel, and to cars, and to the open road and highways and getting away from it all. In fact, if "it all" doesn't know by now, we'll tell it: people are ready for a break from you for awhile.

And about those cars: the LA Concours D'Elegance rolls into Pasadena on Sunday, June 7, and the famous Gilmore Heritage Auto Show takes place on Saturday, June 6. "Gilmore" should be the main clue as to where the show is -- Farmers Market, of course -- and "Heritage" hints at the vibe. Expect many -- like 90 many -- historic, gorgeous, "are-you-kidding-me?" cars that you'll likely lust over, whether you're a buff or not. We saw an orange muscle car a few years back that we still think of from time to time, fondly.

The vehicle getting the laurels, or, um, fuzzy-dice-of-appreciation, more like it, is the American truck. Part of the big 75th anniversary deal at the ol' FM. So if you're all about the truckage, make a date.

Best of all, this is a free show, so show up and stroll away, spending your extra money on something soda-ish at the Market. (We'd go Grape Nehi at The Refresher, or just your basic light beer at E.B.'s Beer & Wine if the weather's especially roasty.) Gilmore Heritage Auto Show, Saturday, June 6, 11AM-5PM. Free admission.

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