F-Bombs Land Bay Area Radio Personality in Hot Water

Host thought his mic was off

KGO talk show host Charles "Karel" Bouley has been suspended from his duties after he said the f-word over the air.

The host apparently thought his mic was off.

"Karel" had taken a call Saturday night from a listener who wanted to talk about the now famous "Joe the Plumber," whose real name is  Joe Wurzelbacher. 

After that call came the top-of-the-hour national news feed.  Karel thought his mic was off, but it was still live and broadcast his real thoughts over the air to thousands of listeners.

He used several obscenities about Sen. John McCain's comments concerning the Ohio man.

Karel was heard saying, "I want mother-f---ing Joe the plumber dead."

Karel's Saturday show is pre-empted by a football game.  KGO has not announced officially what will happen during his Sunday slot.

The host has since apologized for the outburst saying, "I am deeply sorry that went out."

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